Small Garden Ideas

Do you intend converting your small garden in such a manner that it looks more aesthetic and grand? If so, here are some tips. Plan well before you start beautifying. Have a clear idea about the purpose of your garden. Do you want it be one that adds beauty to your house or for outdoor entertainment? It could also serve the purpose of relaxing or exercising.

Privacy is important.
Fence your garden with the right materials to suit your needs. Select the right fence design so that your privacy is protected. If you have a common fence, do not bother. Peg some garden trellis to the common fence and plant some climbers to creep. The creepers will climb on the fence and cover the open areas.

Add garden furniture to the garden
A variety of garden furniture is available in the market. Furniture made out of cast iron and wicker is popular. Cast iron furniture is cheap, looks sleek and cute, has open frames and is easily movable. A set of 2 to 4 chairs with a table will be very useful. If space is available, allot a corner for fireplace.

Add beauty to the garden
Many garden ornaments are available for beautification. But do not crowd your garden with numerous ornaments as it will dwarf your garden size. You may also place a couple of large piece items instead of many small ornamental pieces. In asymmetrical gardens, it is good idea to have a small bridge with stone pebbles underneath. It is nice to have a fountain or a small pool.

You may carpet the garden with grass. A theme garden is an excellent idea with full of flowering plants with a single color of flowers or type of flowers. You may make your garden look big with a mirror or outdoor lighting.