Three Ideas to Consider for Your Small Garden

Have you ever felt that those great ideas that you dream about can also work for your home garden? Size is never the underlying factor when planning to transform your garden into a living work of art. Daydreaming about a garden that you saw in a programme about the rich and famous need not be the case because creativity is what stands in the way of transforming your dreams into reality.

Creativity is not a forte for the chosen ones; if you dig dip within yourself, you will find that you have a creative heart and mind. All you have to do is stretch your imagination beyond the conventional and predictable design approach and embrace ultramodern ideas that you can implement in your small garden.

Firstly, create an illusion of space, perspective and depth by using color and textual contrast. This can be achieved by keeping bright colors and coarse textures in the foreground and softer textures and colors in the background. This technique creates a visual distance between the foreground and the background hence making the space appear larger. Water features like swimming pools, fountains and ponds reflect the garden features surrounding them which in effect enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the garden.

Secondly, the scale of the backyard accessories matter in smaller gardens. Well thought out patios and barbecue areas can make a small garden appear large. This has to do with the added function as well as the way the elements are arranged. Vertical spaces can be richly enhanced by wall mounted fixtures for planting pots, lighting and wall fountains. Strict geometry rules need to be applied in order to creatively tie all the elements together in a small garden.

Thirdly, the issue of privacy is very important when it comes to small spaces. This means that you have to shop around for space efficient screening systems that will create the degree of privacy and at the same time fit in with the rest of your garden space. You can also identify a corner in your garden whereby you can create an intimate garden room with extra tranquility, serenity and privacy. This privacy can be achieved by adding perimeter plants to building fences, stone walls or garden structures. You can also add a roof or a pergola above the intimate space to ensure the feeling of exclusivity and privacy.

In conclusion, nature has an invisible and intrinsic effect on human beings. Nature cleans the air that we breathe and it also attracts a vast array of creatures which in effect brings out the natural and environmental distinctiveness of the garden. It behooves us to set up and maintain our garden space for functionality and aesthetic purposes.